November Is Here!

Introducing the new tag of the month!
tom nov
I have been loving rain drop patterns lately so I created one! Maybe I love the pattern because I love the rain :)

Also new this month:
geo journal
Geometric Journal tags or as I refer to them, geo journal. I have still really been digging the geometric prints and hopefully someday I will have a paper line of these patterns as well!

Last month I created “Lists” and they were such a huge hit. I love them because they are larger than any other tag I make but sometimes small is good too. So I shrunk the lists and you can now get them in tiny size as well as the large size. These new ones are only a quarter of the size of the big ones. They are really cute!

tiny lists
I know the name “tiny lists” isn’t very creative but it makes me smile because it makes me think of my little nephew Jake. When he was about 2 or 3 he wanted everything to be tiny. For instance, he wouldn’t have wanted a tall glass of milk, he would have wanted a tiny one. He always wanted tiny things because he wanted to be tiny (He always used to say, “I’m tiny.”). And the way he said tiny was so cute I think I have half of my friends saying it like that. So Jake, these “tiny” lists are named for you!

And for the winners of the red numbers….
Kristen B. in Roseville

I guess you have to be named Kristen to win this time! Thanks to everyone who left a comment! If you were a winner I will email you today to get your address!

Have a happy Saturday, do something creative!