Bible Cover

As I was riding home in the car after Bible study on Wednesday night, I was inspecting my Bible and decided I needed to do something about its shabby shape. Jason gave me this little Bible the day we got engaged and I have been using it ever since. I mostly use it for church and vacations (I call it my travel Bible) because it’s small and fits almost anywhere. It has gone to many places with me including: Hungary, Israel, Oregon, Hawaii, Idaho, Arizona, Colorado, South Dakota, Georgia, and of course, Tennessee. So, after almost 10 years of traveling, it’s practically falling apart.

old bible

The clasp fell off ages ago, the leather on the spine is almost gone and in general, just plain shabby. Luckily, the pages are all in tact (with the exception of one which I had to tape back in place). I figured, it’s time for a new cover!

bible 1

This project was fun for me. It was quick and easy since I didn’t care very much about perfection, it just needed to look cute :) I dug through my small fabric collection and chose some of my favorite Amy Butler fabrics that I have been dying to use. And, since I never measure (takes too much time for me!) I started cutting away. I’m definitely the type of person to just go for it the first time, expecting to make a ton of mistakes, and then the next time (hopefully!) have it all figured out. Thankfully, this first time ended up working for the most part and is usable!

bible 2

A close up of some of the stitching. I personalized it :) I also added magnets so the flap will stay closed. I only made one major error: it ended up not fitting! No worries, I cut the end off, added another inch of a coordinating material (the bright pink fabric), and sewed it back into place. An easy fix and I even like it better than the original! I had been wanting to add that fabric but didn’t know where so it worked out perfectly. Although the project worked, I definitely have a few ideas for next time to make it better.

bible 3

This is a picture of the cover without the Bible in it. I think I might make another one soon so I can change covers at my whim. Also to put into practice my new ideas. Next time I’m going to add a pen holder :)