New Scrap Pages

Lately, I have been slowly going through all of my craft supplies, organizing and purging. It feels good! And while doing this I realized that I had only made 2 scrapbook pages for 2008 (not counting mini books). Totally pathetic! I definitely don’t want this year to end and have nothing to show for it (scrapbook wise that is).

On Saturday I decided to rectify the situation :) Here are a few pages:
happy together
From a road trip to Atlanta in May

part time model
From when my brother Brett was visiting in April. I took a ton of pictures while he was here and I know he got sick of it but he was a good sport! The title is from a Flight of the Conchords song and since he introduced us to them, I thought it fitting :)

sunny enough
Another page from Brett’s time with us. I miss him!

I made one other page (and started one other but it’s not finished) but for some reason I can’t find out where the scan of it is living on my computer so I will have to share it at some other time!