House Exterior Update

Thank you for all of your input with the house exterior! I appreciate every single comment and idea. We are moving forward with the project, we have removed the shutters and are in the process of painting them a dark gray-brown. I have also switched the lights to these sconces from Pottery Barn:
It was funny because I bought these in February and I was going to put them in the bathroom and hadn’t gotten around to it yet. Then I realized they were indoor/outdoor so I decided to put them outside. They look so much better than what was previously up.

On Monday we had someone come and pressure wash the house. Another great improvement. The white is actually white again! So now I have to work on the brick and finish painting the shutters and door. I think I’m going to paint the house numbers onto the door as well. Then I would like to pot some plants for on the porch and get a new rug. I also would like to just take off the railing but I haven’t quite talked Jason into letting me do it yet! After all of that, project exterior should be about complete for this year. There are many more things I would like to do but that’s all that’s in the budget for this year so the rest will have to wait. I also really want one of these over my garage:

Once I everything is complete, I will post updated pictures. Keep the ideas coming!