I Need Advice

We have lived in our house for 2 1/2 years so far and the outside of it needs a lot of help! So I am in the midst of planning how to make it better on the cheap. And so I need your advice :)

Here is a picture of the house (I can’t get a direct picture because there are huge trees blocking the front of the house):
house front

and an up close of the porch
house up close

These pictures were taken right after we found it (we hadn’t even bought it yet!) when my parents were visiting. Sadly, it hasn’t changed at all. This poor house needs a major facelift.

So the plan is to have the whole house cleaned and then I want to put a whitewash on the brick like this:
brick whitewash
We had done this whitewash on the kitchen brick (hence, the picture above) and I really like it. It softens the brick (makes it not so orange) and is really fast, easy, and cheap. My favorite combination!

Since this is supposed to stay an inexpensive project, I can’t paint the rest of the house but I can paint the shutters and the front door. I hate the color they are now! I’m thinking of painting the shutters gray (I prefer not to have black shutters because every house in the South with brick and white siding has black shutters) but here is my problem: what color should I paint the door? I really want a fun color and I just can’t decide. I need your input!

Then, with a couple of new light fixtures and house numbers, the transformation will be complete… for now :) I’m not even going to begin to talk about all of the landscaping it needs!

By the way, if I could have anything I wanted, it would be this:
yellow door
Oh how I love that yellow door (from Martha Stewart Blueprint)!

Also, if anyone knows how to paint outdoor tile (on the front porch) that will wear well, let me know! Thanks for all your help!