Looking Back

Today is a special day: it is our 9th anniversary. So in honor of today, I thought I would take a trip down memory lane and tell you our story. I know probably most of you have heard it before but hey, it’s my blog, I can write whatever I want! Just to warn you, this is a post with a lot of pictures…

Jason and I met when I was four years old (yes, you read that correctly). My family moved to Albany, Oregon and we started attending the church that Jason’s family attended. It was a small church and so we all knew each other. And I had a crush on him ever since I can remember. Jason says he liked me too but he has no proof, I do:

Yes, this is a page from my diary when I was 8 1/2 (I didn’t know how to spell Dykast then either!). So I have been in love with this boy for at least 20 years! Just for fun, here are a couple of pictures from when we were young, about the time we would have met.

young jason
What a hunk! Can you see why it was love at first sight?! Boy am I glad he grew into those teeth :)
young kellie
My 4th birthday

We are a few years apart in age so it wasn’t really appropriate for us to date until I was at least in high school. Until he asked me out for the first time, I didn’t even know he was interested. When I was 16, my family started attending a different church. I was heartbroken, thinking I would never have a chance with Jason but he had other ideas. For him, this was an opportunity and a few months later, he showed up at my work and asked me on a date! I was so excited… Our first date was on December 26, 1996. I was 16 and he was 20 (technically he was 19 but his birthday was the next day). We went and watched a movie, The Preacher’s Wife. How fitting… little did I know at that time!

My junior/senior prom when I was a junior, 1997. Yes, he was in college and he came to my prom with me. He was so sweet. That was the last prom we went to, I didn’t make him go to any when I was a senior, I felt sorry for him!

When I got my senior pictures taken, he came along and we got a few together. This was probably in the fall of 1997 since I graduated in 1998.

We dated for a couple of years and then on December 26, 1998 (our 2 year anniversary) he proposed to me. We went to the Nutcracker Ballet and had a nice dinner in Portland with his family. Then he brought me back to my parents’ house and proposed to me in front of the fireplace. Here’s a picture from that night:

(By the way, I had to dig these pictures out from my scrapbooks, so some of them have miscellaneous stuff on them and I didn’t take the time to photoshop it out! And most of the pictures were scanned in so they don’t look that great!)

hungary 1999
In Hungary on a missions trip, we are engaged but not married yet.

And then came the big day! We were so excited. We got married in the evening on September 3, 1999 at Jason’s parents house in the backyard. It’s so beautiful there and we had the perfect weather. The day couldn’t have gone better (well, except for the minor fender bender Jason had earlier in the day…) and we were just able to relax and enjoy the wedding. My Mom was wonderful and took care of all the last minute details and setting up so I wouldn’t have too. It was a great day!

married 1
married 2
wedding 3

Here are some pictures taken during the last 9 years:

Soon after we were married 1999

reno 2000
In Reno for a wedding in 2000

israel 2001
In Israel 2001 (at En Gedi)

rooster rock 2002
Hiked Rooster Rock in 2002 for my birthday

sunriver 2003
Me with blond hair! At a couple’s retreat in 2003

marathon 2003
Just after finishing the marathon in 2003

formal 2004
At a formal party in 2004

Our first time visiting Tennessee in 2005

Taken by our friend Jane just before we left for Tennessee in 2006

2007 1
Taken by our friend Rich Smith in June 2007 (as well as the next 2 pictures)

2007 2
2007 3

And pictures from this year 2008:
2008 1
2008 2
2008 3

So now you know our story. When you get married you can’t even imagine loving that person more than you do on your wedding day. But really, that’s just the beginning. I love Jason now more than ever. Every year just seems to get better.

Thank you sweetheart for 9 wonderful years. You’re my favorite and my best friend. I love you so much! Happy anniversary!