September Goodies

It seems as though I am a day late posting the new product to my store. Oops… Everyone else had the day off yesterday so I decided to take the day off too! Well, actually, I was working, I just didn’t finish until today :)

But now there is new stuff in the shop! Be sure to check it out because I have posted lots of new items including some fun Christmas tags. I also relisted some of the Christmas tags I had for sale last year. So if there are any tags from last year that are a must have, you should still be able to get them.

Here are some of my favorites:



a little inspiration from a sunburst clock!

and for the tag of the month:
tom sept

Also, a happy birthday to my nephew Maxwell who is 3 years old today! Here is his birthday page that I sent off in the mail last week so hopefully is has arrived at his house!
max 3

Now I have some much needed chores to get done since I have spent the last few days holed up at my computer!