The Weekend Continues…

I’m on a roll! I typically get into a certain type of project or craft mode and go at it for a few days and then move on. Well, right now I’m into house mode. What that means is, I’m trying to think of as many different projects as I can to make my house look nicer. And believe me, I have a huge, long list. Some projects I have had in my “inbox” (my brain) for a while, some I need Jason’s help so I have to wait until he has time (or wants to do it), and some I just thought of (like the pillows yesterday). On the other hand, some projects require a lot of time and some are so simple. I have quite the variety. And some, I admit, are just plain ridiculous! For instance, last night I was trying to figure out a way to take apart my couch in the bonus room and redo it to look modern. My husband stopped me from very much progress in that area (he wouldn’t let me rip it apart). I love DIY projects :)

Today I tackled a simple project I’ve had on the back burner for a few weeks. I bought this little cabinet from a thrift store for $6 and wanted to brighten it up a little. Actually in the pictures it doesn’t look that bad but believe me, it was a bit drab and quite dinged up.

wood cab

So I got out my trusty glossy white spray paint and worked my little magic on the base and the pulls. And then I added some awesome paper to the front of the drawers. I’m much happier with the finished project and it looks better in my office.

finish cab

I also made a linen covered box but I still have a few finishing details to work out on it so I will have to save it for another post!