I Love Garage Saling

I love Saturdays! It’s my day to I do whatever I want. I think all of us need a day like that!! Today has been one of those days that you wish could happen everyday. First, I went garage saling, then I went for a nice long walk, had a super yummy omelet for lunch, sewed for a bit, got a few things ready to post on 2pear, and next I’m going to scrapbook. How’s that for a great day?!

A few pictures from my awesome day:

dwell pillow
I made this pillow today. I bought some napkins from Target when they went on clearance. They are Dwell Studio which I have been a fan of for quite sometime and I went about crazy when they started selling them at Target! Not to mention the fact that I got them for $.74 each! So I sewed 2 together and ta-da! a super cool pillow that only took 15 minutes and $1.48 (I already had the pillow form). Also, pictured, this wonderful retro chair that I found at a thrift store for $20 in February when my Mom was out visiting. I absolutely love it, especially with my new pillow on it :)

floor pillow
Another pillow I made today. I got the dark fabric from Walmart for $1 per yard! I’m definitely a bargain shopper :) It’s actually a floor pillow that we already had and needed a face lift. So fun!!

vintage purse
An amazing vintage leather purse that I found at a garage sale for $.50 this morning! It’s completely wonderful, I love it. I was thinking of selling it in my 2pear shop but Jason convinced me that as soon as I sold it I would wish I had it and I think he’s right. But really I think he’s thinking a fifty cent purse sounds like a much better deal than if I found a white one in a store that I just had to have! I’m sort of a purse collector (this is a trait I learned from my Mother) and so he’s probably right…again!

paper tray
Another great garage sale find. A paper holder for $4. It’s still dirty and I haven’t figured out where it will go yet but it’s perfect for all of my papers for every jot & tittle so it will definitely be going in my office.

I have just stocked 2pear with some more of the things I found this morning so be sure to check it out! I will also be adding more as the weekend moves along. Now I better finish my wonderful day with some scrapbooking!