In Progress

I have now emerged out of my semi-coma reading state and am ready to blog again! I actually finished the book on Wednesday (no, I’m not a slow reader, just a lazy blogger! But I did really love that comment Nancy!) and it was completely wonderful. If you haven’t read this series, it is a must!! Now, the next countdown is for the movie to come out on December 12th. I know… I’m a bit obsessed. But I think that is the norm for those of us who have read these fabulous and quite addicting books.

On to other things. As I mentioned previously, I am making mini books of my vacation for some family members and first on the list is my brother, Josh and his wife, Jodi. I was finally caught up enough with other things to get started this past Saturday. I really love making mini books. I know I’ve said that before but it’s so true! Here are a couple sneak peeks:


fun max

These pages aren’t even done yet because to top it off I finally got a Bind-it-all! I have been wanting one for a while now and I’m super stoked to use it. So, this will be my first project to try it out on. I finally broke down and got it because they started carrying them at Hobby Lobby. Then I was able to use my 40% off coupon and I got it for $36! Such a steal… I will have to keep you posted on how well it works but so far, I have only heard good things about it. Let’s hope it’s all true :)

I can’t remember if I have mentioned it before but I have been getting some photography lessons from my friend Rich Smith who is an amazing photographer. The more I learn, the more I realize that there is so much to learn! I have barely scratched the surface. But I have been having so much fun and I’m loving it. His wife, Heather, (one of my closest friends) and I have been learning together. It makes it that much more enjoyable to learn with a buddy. Thanks Rich so much for your patience and willingness to teach me!!!

Some other projects I’m working on… Christmas tags for the shop next month, coasters and potholders for the other shop, finishing some bulletin boards for my work area (I started them but have yet to finish and it’s been a couple of months now…), and reorganizing my scrapbooking room because it’s a MESS! So, to help me along the journey as I create and clean, this is what gets me motivated and gets the job done:

coffee and mm
That’s right, coffee and peanut m&m’s. If I haven’t said this before, let me say it now, that my husband is the best barrista on the planet! He makes me the most wonderful Starbucks worthy coffee drink EVERYDAY. How’s that for spoiled?! So now I’m off to go enjoy my most delightful drink.