There and Back

We’ll we’re back from our trip to Arizona. My mom’s family tries to have a reunion every two years and this was one of those years. For Kellie and I it has been four years since we were last able to attend the reunion so it was great to see everyone again. For those of you who haven’t visited Arizona it is a beautiful place and we have the pictures to prove it.

Most of our time was spent in a small town called Williams located on old Route 66. There is only one main street through the town and day or night you could find people walking the sidewalks, taking in the shops and eating at the restaurants. Williams was a wonderful little place.

Route 66
Kellie took this great shot!

There were about fifty of us at the reunion, including my mom’s parents who live in South Dakota. While away we visited the Grand Canyon, played games—even saw an old West show put on in the middle of the road.

Cowboy with Kellie's glasses
This cowboy saw Kellie’s glasses and had to wear them for a second.

Kellie and Grandpa
Kellie and Grandpa.

With Grandpa and Grandma
Grandma, Jon, myself and Grandpa.

Family photo
Grandpa and Grandma, Mom, Dad, my aunts and uncles and Jeanie.

On one of the days a handful of us fellas went golfing. I chose to simply go along for the ride because I didn’t need the frustration of golf. Years ago I put down the golf clubs because they do nothing but drive me crazy. There are plenty of things in this world that can make me nuts for free so I figure I don’t need to pay for it!

Dad golfing

Jon golfing

All said and done, we had a wonderful time in Arizona. Whether in Williams, Sedona or Phoenix the whole trip was amazing.

Bridge by Sedona
Outside of Sedona.