New Product and New Store

Summer is in full swing now that July is here! And since it’s the first, there are new products in the shop! Make sure to take a look. Here are the pictures for the new stuff:

Tag of the month July
tom july
I have had these tags in my mind for a few months but never could get them just right, until now. I think they are perfect for July because they remind me of fireworks.

Clock Face Tags
clock tags

and, ABC Fruit Tags
fruit tags
Someday I’m hoping to do the whole alphabet but it’s hard finding a Q, X, Y, U, V, and D in fruit. I may have to make them fruit and flowers or something :)

Also new for me this month: I opened another store! This store focuses on goods for your home including vintage finds. Actually right now there are only vintage finds listed because I haven’t had a chance to finish the handmade goods. But eventually (after I return from vacation) you will see some of the projects I’ve been working on (like potholders and coasters). The new store is 2pear. Come stop by and browse around! Here are some offerings from 2pear:

yellow pitcher

flower mugs

orange glasses

woodgrain thermos

Ever since I was little, I have been going to antique shows, garage sales, and thrift stores with my mom looking for the treasures. I have always enjoyed the hunt. Once I got older I thought it would be so fun to have a small shop for these treasures but I never had the resources to start something like that. Until now! With Etsy it’s such a great way to start a small shop without the start up costs. So, 2pear is sort of like a dream come true! Thank you Mom, for giving me a love and showing me the value in vintage things!