A Scrapbook Page, Coasters, and More Potholders!

I have accidentally taken a bit of a blogging break. That’s what happens when I get busy! Well now the rush has died down a bit and I thought I should blog for a moment to catch you up on what I’ve been doing.

First of all, the sewing has continued! I have been so excited about all the lovely fabrics out there that I can’t get enough. So, since I have been purchasing some here and there, I figured I better use them! When I have a couple of spare minutes, I whip up a coaster or two. They are so easy to make and they turn out so cute.

The front sides
coasters front

The back sides
coasters back
I like to have a bunch of these scattered throughout the house so I always have one within reach. So far I have made nine and I think I just need a few more :)

Then, I had a friend from Oregon ask me to make some potholders for her because she saw my previous post about my first sewing projects. So here are the potholders I came up with for her:

The front sides
jane potholder front

The back sides
jane potholder back
Well, Jane, I hope you like them!

And finally, I may have posted about this before but if that’s the case then I will repeat myself! For every birthday, I send my nephews a page to add to a scrapbook that I gave them for their first Christmas. On July 2, it’s Jakey’s birthday and he will be 5! I can hardly believe it. So today I mailed out his page and I thought I would share it. (I guess if my brother and his wife read my scraplog, it won’t be a surprise this year!)

jake 5
Since I only see the boys every six months, I rely on Jodi’s (my sister-in-law) pictures. She always does such an amazing job and she takes a bunch so I have plenty to choose from. So, Happy Birthday Jake! We love you so much!

Also, hooray for me, I’m going to Oregon in two weeks. I always get so excited and yet I realize how much work needs to be done before I go! Even though I admitted to being a bad blogger recently, it’s just going to get worse this coming month because I will be preparing to leave… and then I will be gone for two weeks. So don’t be surprised if I don’t blog very much in the next month :)