Thoughts of Spring and a Giveaway

Don’t you just love spring? I have really been enjoying my spring so far; the weather has been so nice I just want to soak it up before the humidity comes. One of my favorite things about spring is the flowers. First, the beautiful trees in our yard begin to bloom. Then, just when I start to get disappointed that their blooms are gone, the daffodils come up along with the other bulbs. This year we have had some late bulbs (compared to the others) and our irises are just now blooming:

After the bulbs, the roses start to bloom. Thanks to the previous owners of our house, we have about 8 rose bushes in all colors. They are so pretty and despite my hacking on them, they continue to flourish!
rose bush

So yesterday I went outside and helped myself to a few of the roses from pretty much every bush though the bush in the picture above definitely blooms the most. My cat wanted to come outside too but she’s not allowed :(

Once I had picked all the roses I wanted, I made 3 arrangements. I loved them so much I took pictures. I decided to put them in the house in the places I spend the most time. Sadly, 2 of the arrangements ended up in the basement (my work area) because that’s where all my time is spent! I wish I could say I spend most of my time in my craft room :) Oh well! I have been enjoying their delicious scent all day.
pitcher roses
downstairs roses
I love that you can see the rose bush (which they came from) in the background.

Then, today, since I was still really enjoying my roses, I took a picture of how nice my lunch looked next to them. Isn’t it funny how flowers brighten everything up?!
It may look like breakfast, but an omelette and apple juice work great for lunch as well :)

After I finished my work, I went to the post office (of course!) and then to the library. The delight of these two tasks was that I rode my bike. What a wonderful day! The sun was shining and the birds were singing. What more could I ask for? Well… I can think of one thing:
I have been wanting a scooter for so long but Jason won’t let me have one (mostly because of safety reasons). Isn’t this the cutest thing? I love the color; I think it was made for me! Maybe I can convince him by my birthday next month :)

Last but not least, I want to have another giveaway. Since Mother’s Day is this weekend, I thought that could be our theme. Post a comment (by Sunday, May 11) naming one thing you love about your mom. On Monday, May 12, I will draw a name. For the prize, I will let my mom pick her favorite set of tags from the store to send to the winner, so it will be a surprise :)

One of the things I love about my mom is how well we work together. We both love to do creative things and when we’re together, we come up with the best ideas! I miss you mom, I wish you were here! Happy Mother’s Day!