Rockin’ the ATC’s

I have been a fan of ATC’s for a while now but just haven’t taken the time to make any of my own. In many of the scrapbooking blogs I read, they use playing cards to make them so I thought I would give it a shot this week. The verdict? I’m totally hooked!

There are many reasons to love ATC’s. I can make one in a few minutes. With limited supplies; small bits of paper, labels, letter stickers, a pen… I can create a small scrapbook page in the form of an ATC! I also enjoy trying new things that I wouldn’t normally try on a full scrapbook page for fear of ruining it (a fear I really need to overcome). It’s also good to take a break from normal scrapping and do something different. If you haven’t tried them yet, go for it!

I have a scrapbooking room that (much to my husband’s dismay because he is a neat freak) is always a disaster. But, it makes it so much easier to scrapbook because I can just sit down for a few minutes and accomplish something. If I had to get everything out every single time, nothing would ever get done. This week, my brother is here visiting and so I haven’t had very much time to get any scrapping done. That is why I decided to try the ATC’s. I snag a few minutes here and there at my disastrous scrap table and it fulfills the need to create something.

Here are some pictures of my creations:

ATC cover
I decided to attach them all to a ring to store them easier. There are lots of ways to display them but this is what I chose to do for this first set.

ATC first set
The first batch.

ATC second set
The second batch.

ATC back
This is the back of them. I found these super cute playing cards at Walmart. The next set I do will be on clear playing cards. I’m really looking to experiment with those!

While I was making these I had lots of visions for future cards. A mini vacation album with playing cards from where I’m visiting is one of the ideas. A small birthday book for a friend. A mother’s day present. The list is endless! With pages this small, it’s fun and fast. So go give it a try!