Family Vacation Album

Today as I was reorganizing some photos on my computer, I ran across some pictures I took of our family vacation album from 2005 and I thought it would be fun to share them with you.

Back in the summer of 2005, our whole family took a week long vacation to Odell Lake in Oregon. There were eight of us at the time; my Mom and Dad, brother Josh, his wife Jodi (who was pregnant with Maxwell) and son Jakey, brother Brett, and Jason and I. We all stayed in a condo with a few rooms and just had fun hanging out for a week. We read books, played games, went on hikes and the boys made several attempts at fishing. Basically, we just enjoyed each other. It was a great week.

Each of us were in charge of planning a fun event for one day of the vacation. We did different things like scavenger hunts and playing games but for my day I chose scrapbooking (surprise, surprise!). My day was toward the end of the week so we could have some pictures to scrapbook. I brought my little HP photosmart printer to print out the pictures that we had taken during the trip and also brought a tub full of supplies (I chose coordinating papers so the whole book would flow nicely). At first I heard a few groans (mostly from the boys) when they heard what activity I had chosen but once we got started I think everyone had fun. The only requirement was that everyone had to make at least one page and you had to use your own handwriting to journal the story. By the end, most everyone had scrapbooked at least 2 pages and I just filled in the rest.

I love the finished product. All of the pages are so different and reflect each person’s personality. I am the only one in my family that scrapbooks but I think there are others who definitely have potential! The completed scrapbook was then given to my parents as a thank you gift for treating us to the vacation (even though I really wanted to keep it!).

Here are some of the pages (sorry for the bad pictures, they were taken at my parents house in Oregon so I can’t re-shoot them!):

cover kellie
This page was done by yours truly as the cover page. The book is an 8×8, perfect size for a mini vacation book.

brett's page
The artist here was my little brother, Brett.

dad page
An amazing job by my Dad.

jakes page
We even got my 2 year old nephew Jake in on it! He cut up paper and drew on the page while I wrote down the things he was telling me to write. After he finished he proclaimed that it was messy :)

jason's page
My husband, Jason’s page. I definitely see some talent here! He even broke out the walnut ink.

jodi's page
This is Jodi, my sister-in-law’s page. I love all the journaling she added.

josh's page
My brother, Josh’s page. The shapes he made (the fish and bobber) are just awesome!

mom's page
My Mom’s page. I love how she fit so many pictures on the page.

There are more pages, but I don’t want to bore you! I just thought it would be fun to share this as the season for family vacations and reunions are just getting started for the year. Maybe you will want to try this with your family!