Girly Mini Book

Well, all of the girly mini books are gone! They went so fast, I was surprised. But don’t worry, I have some other ideas for mini books coming up in the future :)

My plan was that I would make a mini book for myself, post the pictures and then everyone would want one. But it kind of worked backwards (not that I’m complaining) and I have finally gotten around to posting the pictures of my own and now I am all sold out. So, I’m really sorry about that for those of you who didn’t get one. But maybe you can just enjoy looking at mine :)

It was fun for me to make such a small book and it went really fast. Again, it would be such a great gift for someone because it’s so quick and yet you can pack a lot of pictures in there. I kind of cheated though, since I have the die, I cut all of my pictures in the same scallop shape as the book but I think it would be cute done in other ways as well.

Here are a couple of pages from my book:

girly book 2
I have never made a mini book about myself before… it was kind of fun :)

girly book 8

girly book 9

girly book 10

If you want to see the rest of the book click here. Also, if you have made a mini book using this kit, I would love to see it! Upload it to the every jot & tittle flickr group and share with the rest of us!