Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Valentine’s day! My husband and I don’t typically celebrate Valentine’s day. Not because we have anything against the holiday but mostly just because we’re lazy :)

So today, in typical valentine fashion, I put him to work! My parents are coming next week for a visit and that means I have 101 projects I want to finish before they come. I have been steadily working on things and having so much fun. I love projects! Today’s project was to hang some frames I bought last week in the guest bedroom. As of last night I had no idea what I was going to put in the frames so that, of course, was part of the project. I love how they turned out and the best part is, since I just used scraps from my craft room, I can change them whenever I want!

Here is the finished product:
pictures hung

The process of hanging the frames was quite fun because of our cat, Sydney. Here is a picture of Jason’s little helper:

picture jason cat start

She is always so interested in what we are doing. When Jason started using the laser level she kept jumping to try and get the light. So I ran to get the camera and this is what I captured:

cat jump

Even after they were all hung and the tools were put away she sat there, just hoping the light would come back:

cat pictures end

So happy Valentine’s day to you and happy project day to me :)