Idea Wall

Last night I finally got tired of looking at my blank white wall! Downstairs in the basement (dungeon) where my work studio is, all of the concrete block walls are painted white. Now, I love white, but for a place that is supposed to be inspirational, white walls just don’t quite cut it for me. Remember when I showed you pictures of my work studio before? I’m sure you will agree that the wall above my computer definitely needed some color. I had always expected to make some sort of cloth covered bulletin board but I still haven’t done it yet so last night I decided to finally add some color. I dug around in all of the things I have saved that inspire me and started taping them to the wall. I figured that if I ever get around to making my bulletin board I can just take them down.

My new wall:

idea wall

All day today this wall has made me happy. Just a little color does wonders. And now, instead of looking at a boring wall, I get to look at all the things that inspire me!