Finally! Scrap Time

Wow! I have had a long break from scrapbooking for myself. I don’t think I have scrapbooked a page for my own scrapbook since October! It’s been way too long. So this week I made up for it and took time every evening for the last 4 nights to work on some pages. I had so much fun I think I might scrapbook once I finish this post :)

Here are some of the pages I worked on:

This picture was taken by my sister-in-law of my favorite 4 year old. As you can see, I was able to play with some of the new products. And… with this page you can see the new product that is debuting on February 1st. What do you think?!

don't fall
My favorite younger brother :)

i wear my sunglasses
An ode to my sunglasses

nearness of you
I love this picture. Another picture by the amazingly talented Rich Smith. (Hee hee, when I snapped this picture my reflection accidentaly showed up.)

A wonderful series of pictures captured by my sister-in-law of my favorite 2 year old.

Well, I guess I’ll stop there, I don’t want to put you to sleep although there are several more pages I could bore you with ;)