More Magazines…

Every jot & tittle has been on quite a few blogs since I began my little shop and I love to be on blogs. But even more so, I love to see my stuff in magazines. There is something so thrilling about being able to see it in print! So this month I opened my Creating Keepsakes, and there my little tags stared up at me again. Ali used them for some super cute pages:

ck dec 2007
the cover

ali pages
the inside (pages 70 & 72)

Then, yesterday I went to Walmart and had to page through all of the other scrapbooking magazines that I don’t have a subscription to and bam!! there I am again, this time in Memory Makers (although this time ej&t wasn’t credited, bummer).

memory makers
cover and inside (page 47)

And, last but not least, a lovely Etsy friend informed me that I was in a scrapbooking magazine in the UK in September. She also sent me the pictures of the pages and the cover. Thanks Karen, that was so sweet of you!

scrapbook insp
the cover

scrapbook insp pages
the pages

So, if any of you have seen ej&t tags out there, let me know!