Just A Few Pages

I don’t have much to say today but the scrapbook pages have been piling up on my desk so I thought I would snap a few pictures of a few of them and share with you.

hold hands
Jason and I have both decided that this is our favorite. This is another picture Rich took of us. No wonder I like this page…

love is not love
More Rich pictures… If only I could take photos like that! I have to say that when I scrapbook with my friend Heather (Rich’s wife), I’m jealous because all of her pictures are gorgeous! It’s so not fair to be married to a professional photographer.

flippin sweet pizza
A silly layout of my equally silly husband (whom I completely adore).

Pictures from March. But hey, at least I’m getting them done now right?!

Sorry the photos of the layouts aren’t so great. I was in a hurry and that’s what you get! More to come soon I’m sure…