New Pages… Yea!

On Saturday (and a little bit on Sunday) I had the opportunity to scrapbook again. Oh what a joy! I love to take a break from other things and create for myself! I have so many random pictures piling up around my scrap desk so I just picked the ones I felt like scrapbooking. It was so nice to be able to scrap for fun instead of being worried because I’m so far behind. Well, here is what I came up with. Some I like and some aren’t my favorites but it’s all about playing!

I love this picture of me and my brother (it totally sums us up!). I took it when I was home for vacation last month. Don’t you just love my brother’s beard?!

While I was visiting my family we went on a vacation within a vacation! My whole family (well, except for my husband because he stayed here in Tennessee) went to Bend, Oregon, for a little weekend getaway. We had so much fun spending time together. In this picture we were on a hike.

easter 2007
Remember when I said I wasn’t going to worry about how far behind I am? Ummm, ya. So this picture is from Easter. I’ve really got to get with it if I’m going to have my 2007 album done by the end of the year!

And this is my favorite page. The amazing picture was taken by our friend Rich Smith. He was gracious enough to take us on a photo shoot and this is one from that day. I can’t wait to play with the rest of the pictures. I’m sure you will see many more layouts to come featuring the photos he took.

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