Christmas On The Brain… and other stuff

I am back from vacation! Yea!! I had such a great time being with my family and seeing friends but I am glad to be home. I missed my husband! Also, this time, I know we will be going back for Christmas so it makes it easier to leave when I know I will see them soon.

So, having just arrived home last week, I jumped back into things with both feet. I have about a gazillion custom orders to accomplish which I enjoy… most of the time. I am definitely thankful for the orders, they just take a lot of extra time. But I’m plowing through them and should be back to a normal schedule next week.

I have so many ideas on the brain right now and I am just dying to get some of them in my store. So I worked on a couple last night and posted them today. I have really been thinking about Christmas tags and I know I need to get them in the store since people like to purchase these things early. I didn’t open my store until the end of January so this will be my first Christmas selling items for the holiday. Here is the first set of Christmas tags I have made:

naughty nice sugar spice all
Don’t worry, there will be more to come! This is just the start. I already have some others in the works, they just aren’t finalized yet.

Since I was creating Christmas tags, I thought, what about Thanksgiving? So to start off with, here are some place cards I made although they would be cute in a scrapbook too:

woodgrain placecard

give thanks placecard

In the midst of creating, I was noticing the steps it takes to get the final version. I thought it would be fun to share so I took a picture of the versions that I printed before the final one. These particular tags all started last Christmas when I designed them for myself to use on gifts. Here is a picture of my mom holding her “Sugar” tag (of course my mom would be sugar. I think I gave my brothers the naughty tags!):

mom sugar tag

And now for the revising process:

tag creating process
When making them for the store, I decided to make them smaller. The tags I had made for my family and friends were too time consuming so I definitely had to revise them. The first tag was my first attempt. I felt like it was a little plain so I added the double line and hole embellishment. I decided then that it need a little more color variation than just the small hole so I changed the outline to green and made the hole embellishment a little bigger. I ended up not liking the bigger hole so I made it smaller and ta-da! I have a finished tag. From there, I thought it would be fun to have a tag that you can check which adjective your gift recipient is; so along came the last one (see first picture). And there you have my creative process. Now that you know all of my secrets, don’t tell anyone :)

Another thing on my to do list once I returned home was to make invitations for a baby shower I am throwing for my friend Heather. She is due in November and she had a shower while I was gone. Since I had really wanted to be there I decided she should have another one at my house so I could attend! We thought it would be fun to have a couple’s shower (I hope the boys think it’s as fun as we do). I’m really looking forward to it. Since it is going to be for boys and girls, I didn’t want the shower invitations to be pink (she is having a girl) because these colors will be used for the whole shower. After much consideration (I wanted green and tiffany blue but felt it would look too much like a baby boy shower), I chose purple and green and will probably play up on the green a lot. It’s amazing how many silly details have to go into one event! So here is the shower invitation:

shower invite
I blotted out my phone number for this post…

As if all of this creating wasn’t enough to have accomplished in one week, I also spent all of Saturday scrapbooking the pictures from my vacation. When I have new pictures I almost can’t wait. That, along with new supplies, makes scrapbooking almost irresistible. So hopefully I will have a chance to work on it again this Saturday and have some new scrapbooking pictures to post!

There you have it. Like I said, I’m back and in full force!