A Letter To My Scissors and Tweaked Labels

A letter I wrote to my friend, my scallop scissors:

To my Scallop Scissors,

What a journey it’s been my dear friend. We have had our ups and our downs together. While you are typically known for cutting things apart, we have bonded during these last few months. In fact, I’m not sure if my friends and family would even recognize me without you practically glued to my hand. But, as time moves on, so do I. And it has now come to the time when we must part and go our separate ways. You shall not be far from me and this separation shall not be forever but it was coming… and now it is upon us. I will still need you from time to time but (hopefully) not everyday as we have grown accustomed to.

You have been a faithful friend to me and have seen me through some very busy times. We have cut (approximately) 22,325 individual tags together in 127 days. You have stuck with me even though you knew that at times I despised you and never wanted to see you again. You have stayed with me even when you knew I was looking for your replacement. For that I am grateful.

But now the time has come dear friend. We must part and I will miss you. Not because my hand is now probably permanently disfigured. Or because I can no longer wear rings on my right hand. But because you are irreplaceable. Nothing can cut scallops as beautifully as you can. I have yet to find a tool with a scallop like yours that I so dearly love. Nor can anything cut any shape, any size the way you can. Not even the Wishblade (if you wish it you can cut it?! Wrong. I wished and it still won’t cut). You have helped me through many projects and for that I am grateful. So long dear scissors!

Your friend,



And tweaked labels:

Finally! I have been trying to get this project done for some time now and today I have finally accomplished my goal! The labels sets that I created a while ago are my best sellers and killed my hand because the edges were cut out with scallop scissors. When I’m cutting 5 sets of each kind a day (that’s 15 sets) plus I have other items that I hand cut, I realized I needed to think of a new solution. A few months ago I noticed that Marvy Uchida was going to release some scallop punches on July 12. So I had been patiently waiting for them. Once they arrived I meant to reformat my labels so I could use the punches instead… and didn’t have time since I was so busy cutting them out! Well, you guessed it, finally the deed has been done and I will no longer be cutting these out by hand. Hooray for me!

I also decided to print some on kraft paper and the result is fabulous (in my humble opinion). I can’t wait to scrapbook with these. I hope others feel the same way and snatch them up! Here is a picture of the new kraft labels:

kraft tags

That’s all for tonight. I have more ideas in the brain so I’d better get to work!