I love it!

Wow, 2 plogs in a couple days! I’m on a roll! This past weekend was so relaxing; I scrapbooked the whole time. What a great 2 days. It all started because I have begun to take the weekends off of Etsy. I decided I needed a little down time and take a break. It’s been great because although I love Etsy, I need to stop thinking about it for a little bit and the weekends are a good time for a break.

Since I had just finished Jakey’s birthday page on Friday night, I had a whole bunch of pictures that I had gotten printed of the boys left over so I decided to make a mini album. But before I got started on that I made a page of my brother and I from New Years. Here it is:

new year

Here are a couple of pages from the boys album (If you would like to see the whole boys album click here):

stop and go

Pretend and Tease

I haven’t scrapbooked that much in ages! By the time I got started on the mini album on Saturday I knew I had to finish it or I wouldn’t have a chance later. Besides, once I get the whole mess out, I didn’t want to put it all away just to get it back out again! So that’s why I scrapbooked 2 days straight (although I did stop for church on Sunday morning!). Here is a picture of my desk in process and this picture doesn’t even show all of the stuff on the floor and on the desk behind me (:

messy table

Happy scrapping everyone!