New Pages

I have finally gotten to scrapbook again! Partly because I had to and mostly because I wanted to. Let me explain. I have two nephews. On their first Christmas I gave them a scrapbook and a cover page. Each year for their birthday I give them a page to add to the book. Once they turn 18 they will have a whole scrapbook from their aunt Kellie. I love making the pages for the boys, it’s so fun to see how they have changed and grown over the year. On Monday it’s Jakey’s birthday so I had to get his page done and in the mail! I ended up having some problems getting the pictures printed so I wasn’t able to pick them up until yesterday. I made his page and before I send it off in the mail today I took a couple of pictures. I wish I could take credit for the picture but I can’t, my sister-in-law took it. I’m always so impressed with her skills that I couldn’t bear to let myself use the crummy pictures from Christmas that I took! So here is the page:

enjoy being 4

and here it is up close:

enjoy being four upclose

Hopefully my brother and sister-in-law won’t see this post before they receive the package!

While I was scrapbooking Jake’s page I made another one as well. I used the tiny index prints that come with the normal prints to make this page. I also used Hambly, very exciting for me. My birthday was last week and Jason got me some Hambly goodies. I was so thrilled. I have been pining for them for quite some time so Jake’s page and the page below were my first time using them.

I heart these boys

So there you have it! Happy Birthday Jake. We love you and we wish we could see all of you guys over there in Oregon!