Visitors from Oregon

Wow, I didn’t know we still had a blog! Here’s a thought: maybe I should actually add some content now and then. I apologize that I haven’t blogged since January; I’ve got no one to blame except myself. So today I find my fingers are dancing across the keyboard, itching to write about the time my parents got to spend with us.

On the 8th Kellie and I picked up my folks at the Chattanooga airport and had them with us until the 17th. One of our first destinations was the lake. Clark and Maureen took us all out and we had a great time. The weather was perfect and the water was refreshing. In case you’re wondering I highly recommend hanging out with your family and friends at the lake.

The next road trip was south into Georgia for a visit to the Chickamauga Battle Field. This was my fourth time there but I think it gets better with each visit. The park is an unbeatable mixture of natural beauty and sobering history and well worth the visit. While there we made our way to the top of the 85 foot Wilder Tower, took in the view and snapped a few pictures.

Soon Sunday was here and after church we cooked out on our new grill. For the first seven years of our marriage Kellie and I have been faithfully served by a tiny little grill that we had received as a wedding gift. It’s been a good little soldier but it was time for an upgrade. We grilled burgers, hotdogs and corn on the cob. Everyone was a little hesitant to try the corn but once they did they were all convinced that grilling them was a good way to go. (I must confess that most of the grilling was actually done by my dad. It just isn’t fitting to have your dad with you and not have him running the grill—I think it would throw nature into a tailspin.)

On Monday we headed west to Nashville to bum around town for a bit. There wasn’t much of a schedule, we just needed to check Nashville off our to-do list. We stopped by the Belle Meade plantation and toured the facilities. I always picture that period and lifestyle as one of ease and luxury and I never think about the hardships they endured. This family certainly had more than others but life was no walk in the park either. The tour provides a good look at the life and times of those who called Belle Meade home.

On our way back to Cleveland we stopped in Chattanooga and made our way over to Coolidge Park. The sun was beginning to set covering the evening sky with a gorgeous pink-orange light. There were kids playing in the fountain and couples sitting on the park benches taking advantage of a perfect evening at the park.

Before it got dark we decided to track down a house the had been featured on HGTV. Occasionally my folks would watch the show and we all wanted to see the house. Armed only with a description of the home’s view (a water tower and a smokestack) we finally found ourselves sitting in the car, taking in the five story, 6500 square foot beauty. It’s a pretty impressive home with a pretty impressive view.

Unfortunately, Thursday the 17th came much too quickly and Mom and Dad needed to take off. It was fantastic to have them out for a visit and enjoyed every minute of it.