Oh Wow!

As to the response received on my Etsy site because of Design Sponge’s blog? “Oh Wow” is all I can say! Well, maybe I can say a bit more…

I was very excited that Grace was going to write a post about my little shop but I had absolutely no idea what that meant! On Monday morning I woke up and already had 16 items sell by 9:00 AM! I began to wonder what this would mean for the rest of the day!

Let me back track a little bit. I opened my Etsy store in January. From January to March 25th I had sold 54 items. I was pretty stoked about that! I thought that was a lot! But, due to the blog post I mentioned before, I had over 170 items sell in one day! Not to mention people were asking for custom orders and items that had sold out. Like I said, wow!

Now that I had sold all of these items, I had to make them all! Since I make everything by hand, I knew it was going to take me awhile. Thankfully, Jason volunteered to help and Maureen offered as well. They were wonderful help and we cranked out all of the items within the 48 hour time frame I had to get the orders out the door and into the mail. I looked back over the sold orders and here are a few stats I came up with:

Jason and Maureen made 1208 tags (this includes cutting, punching a hole and tying a string through the hole)

I made 1469 scalloped tags (this includes cutting each one out with a scallop scissors, punching a hole and tying a string), 32 cards, and 2 mini albums.

These were only the orders for the first day, there were a bunch of orders that came the next day and on throughout the week! Again, wow!

Here are a few pictures of our late night adventures:

jason and maureen
Jason and Maureen pose with their tools (yes, one of Jason’s tools is coffee!).

kellie and maureen
Maureen and I pose. The table is full of what we had been making but what is shown isn’t even all of it!

All in all this has been such a fun experience! My fingers may have been numb from holding the scissors but by the next day, I was ready to go again!

Now for a sneak peek at what I have been creating today:

bus tags
bus tags

heart tags
heart tags

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you to all out there who now have tags and cards in their hands! And a huge thank you to Jason and Maureen, I would still have orders to do had it not been for you!