ahhh Spring!

In the last couple of weeks things have started to bloom here in Cleveland, Tennessee and we know that spring is here! Not only do I love the beauty and new temperatures that spring brings but I also love the reminder of God’s faithfulness to us this past year.

Jason and I love to see the trees and the flowers start to bloom. We have quite a few flowering trees in our yard which is such a treat for us since at our previous house we had zero trees. I wish I could tell you what they are all called but I actually have no idea! Just know, they’re very pretty! I took a couple of pictures yesterday and uploaded them so you can see a few of the blossoms. We also have quite a few bulbs coming up and they are also a joy! I like to see spring come!

Seeing spring come reminds me that today is March 15th. A year ago from yesterday, Jason and Clark set off in the Uhaul truck to make the cross country trip. A year ago! Time flies… Our time here has gone so fast and it has been such a blessing. We love the people here, the community, our little town. We praise the Lord for giving us a love for this place.

Thank you to all of you who have prayed for us and visited us this past year. It sure has made our adjustment easier than we ever thought. We love all of you back in Corvallis and we are so thankful for you. The Lord was using all of you there to train us and now you have sent us with your support, love, and prayers. Thank You!!!

We are also thankful to all of you here in Cleveland. You have welcomed us and loved us from the beginning. You have given us family away from home and watch out for us as if you’ve known us forever. We have actually been quite spoiled by all of you this past year! My heart overflows with gratitude for you all (or should I say y’all?).

I can’t even express in words what I feel right now. I’m so grateful to the Lord for all He has done this past year. He has stretched us and led us and caused us to grow. I’m excited to think what this next year will bring for our little church and what He wants to do in us.

Now for one of my favorite verses, Romans 11:36 taken from the Message:
Everything comes from Him; everything happens through Him; everything ends up in Him. Always glory! Always praise! Yes. Yes. Yes.