3 things you might not know about me

Hey there everyone! I was just reading in an online forum and someone posted three things that no one knew about them. I had so much fun reading these posts (and laughing out loud) that Jason said I should post this on our blog. So here’s how the game works. I post three things you might not know about me and then you post three things about yourself in the comments. How fun is that?! So here goes:

1. When I was in high school I ate Junior Mints, Pringles, orange Tic Tacs, or fruit Mentos, and a Dr Pepper everyday for either lunch or a snack.
2. I found out recently that I love Dashboard Confessional. My little brother introduced it to me and I have been listening ever since.
3. I once stabbed my brother in the hand with a pencil while waiting in the car for my mom. (sorry Josh, but I’m sure you deserved it!)

Well there you have it, now it’s your turn!