New Red Entryway and Desk

Hey friends! I’ve had people hounding me about this post so I thought I’d better get it done! Since we’ve been home from Oregon, we’ve made a few changes to the house.

The first change I made was painting the entryway red. It’s a very bright red and I love it. Even the name is cool: Million Dollar Red. With that kind of a name it’s begging to be used! I saw the color in Pottery Barn a few months ago and loved it but I wasn’t sure if it would fit with the rest of the house. It actually compliments the living room and kitchen very well and gives it some punch. I liked it so well that I added a few red items to the living room and I’m going to continue doing so.

The next project I started was staining the top of our island in the kitchen. We had gotten the island with the understanding that I would stain the top (it’s a butcher block) but I have never gotten it done (Git ‘ir done! Jason). So last week I started working on that. I started the project without thinking things through and I realized that I also needed a protectant sealer. The problem is that when I went to go find a specific one, I couldn’t. So now I have to order it online and we won’t have an island countertop for a little while! Oops… Stay tuned, I will post pictures when it is completed.

My last little project is a desk I found at a thrift store. Jason has a desk in his office but it is too small for his needs. All that can fit on the top is his laptop-no kidding! So I have been looking for a vintage metal desk that I could paint in a glossy black finish. I have seen a few on eBay for over $200 and I was hoping for a garage sale find. So on Monday, Maureen and I went to a few thrift shops and guess what I found? The perfect desk that I’ve been looking for for $25! What a steal. I was so excited. Now I just have to paint it which I’m not as excited for!

Any other projects you ask? Well actually I have organized my craft room and Jason installed some shelves in the closet for me so I could store things easier. Now, today, we are going to work in the yard. Not so fun but, it needs to get done so here we go!