A Week Of Fun

Last week my parents came to Tennessee for a week long visit and, at the last minute, it worked out for our friend Cindy to come along too. We had a full house and loved every minute of it!

It’s so cool to be able to look back and see how God arranged for things to happen. A few weeks ago Cindy was telling my mom and another friend that she had a week’s worth of vacation to use before the end of the year and she didn’t know when she would use it. So it was mentioned that Cindy should come along with my parents to visit us. The wheels were set in motion and everything worked for her to be able to come. All of us were very excited.

Cindy is such a precious friend. She is the church secretary in Corvallis and so Jason worked closely with her for two years while I was privileged to work with her in women’s ministry. She and my Mom are close friends and she also happens to be our good friend Rory’s mom. She is probably the most joyful person I know and has such a heart for the Lord that it’s contagious. We love her!

And my parents… if you have spent even two seconds in my presence you know how much I love my parents. My Mom is my best friend and my Dad is my hero, what more can be said?! All of this to say how extremely blessed we were to have this trio come stay with us.

They arrived on Wednesday, November 8th in Nashville. They came in the evening so we ate dinner and then headed straight home. The days were pretty relaxed. We went to the Chickamauga Battlefield, spent some time around Cleveland going to antique stores and Starbucks, and we enjoyed a drive in the country. We ended most evenings singing while Dad and I played guitar together.

The best spot for the girls ended up being Hobby Lobby. We went 4 times and used 11 coupons! My Mom and Cindy never could get the name right and called it Holly Hobbie and Lobby Holly… (sounds like a story of another friend and Sticky Fingers!). We also scrapbooked together and enjoyed scrapbooking night on Thursday with my Tennessee buddies at our house. Cindy and my Mom were determined to finish their vacation album on vacation but that didn’t happen!

Saturday was my Mom’s birthday. In the evening Clark and Maureen joined us for dinner and cake. I have a recipe for the best cake ever that I got from a friend and since it takes a while to make, it’s only for special occasions. We all enjoyed the cake and I think we all went to bed dreaming of it because the next day we all were ready for more and finished it off!

Then Sunday came and we all enjoyed (I think!) the church service. My Dad played guitar with me for worship. That blesses me so much having him there. I love singing with him; it brings back so many memories from when I was younger. Afterwards we went back to our house for dinner. It has become a thing we do: lunch at our house after church for everyone who wants to come. It is such a joy to be able to fellowship with everyone. I think it’s my favorite time of the week.

That evening we headed back to Nashville and spent the night. We decided to see some of the attractions since we didn’t have time on Wednesday. We went to the Belle Meade plantation and the Hermitage (Andrew Jackson’s house). These two homes were full of history and fascinating to us all.

The rest of the time went so quickly. We headed back home, went to Tuesday night Bible study and then it was already Wednesday and we had to go back to the airport and say “see you later.”

Saying goodbye after such a great time is always hard but this time I know I will see them in a month’s time when Jason and I make our way to Oregon for Christmas. Plus, we have such fun memories of this week spent together!