Our First Sunday

This Sunday, October 15, was Calvary Cleveland’s first Sunday morning service. For six months we have been meeting to study the Bible together on Tuesday nights but it was time to make the transition to Sundays. Things went very well—I couldn’t have been more happy. Except for one thing (more on that later).

It’s amazing the things that you don’t realize you should have in order for things to go smoothly. Clark put together a long list of things that we should get so that the Children’s Ministry areas were properly prepared. Things like wet wipes, crackers, juice, paper and so on. I honestly never would have thought of everything so I’m very thankful for Clark’s thoroughness. We also tracked down some kids’ toys and a killer little play set. When Sunday morning rolled around the Beechs had the children’s areas looking very cool. I was totally impressed.

Not only did they have the kids’ area looking good but they also put together a little snack area. There was doughnuts, coffee, hot cocoa—more good stuff than you could shake a stick at! It was very encouraging to see the service set up in a way that made people feel like we cared for them. When people come to Calvary Cleveland they should know that they and their children are loved.

As usual Kellie stepped up to the plate in a big way when it came to worship. She is such a blessing and I love to see her willingness to be used. As for the teaching, we used Matthew 25 as a launching pad to talk about the rapture. I’d tell you to listen to the study but that’s where things fell apart.

The guy in charge of making sure the studies are recorded slipped up and so not one sentence was captured. I must confess: I’m that hapless helper. This is the second time one of our studies failed to record. The only other study to not be captured was our very first Tuesday night. I’m beginning to wonder if there is a trend here.

After the service most everyone came over to our house for an impromptu lunch. In my opinion this was the perfect finish for our first Sunday service. The weather was perfect so we ate outside and then I played touch football with the Croxall boys. What a way to end a Sunday. You could sense God’s smile on it all.