Oh Jason Get Your Hair Cut

Today we tackled something new: I cut Jason’s hair. After a little blood, a few tears, lots of laughter, and a pile of hair on the ground we achieved our goal. Well, sort of. Jason’s hair is shorter, just maybe not quite what we had in mind!

I have never given a boy a haircut before. Jason can be a little particular so I was always too afraid to try. Well, he finally got fed up with his shaggy hair so he told me he was just going to shave it off. To talk him out of that great idea, I told him I could just try to cut it and if it didn’t turn out, he could shave it off.

Since we have never had a haircutting session in this house we didn’t have a razor, scissors, or even a comb. Luckily, I recently purchased some small craft scissors so they are very sharp right now and Jason has a small trimmer he uses for his goatee. We thought these tools would surely work and when we opened up the trimmer bag it had a very small, almost microscopic comb. Jason wet his hair, and I got to work.

I decided to start with the comb and scissors. I was kind of afraid to use the trimmer since I thought it would be way too short. Here’s where the blood part comes in. As I was cutting, you guessed it, I cut right into my thumb. These new scissors are sharper than I thought! It didn’t really hurt so I wrapped some tissue around it and kept going—nothing could stop me now! I actually did a much better job than I thought I would, except for one little spot… I didn’t even know you could cut that short with just scissors! Oops. This is where the laughter came in. Once I noticed what I had done I commented to Jason, “I’m not so sure about that spot right there.” That spot happened to be right at his temple, in the front. I’m glad Jason found it as funny as I did because we both started laughing so hard that I ended up crying (and you thought Jason would be the one that ended up crying).

Jason told me I could just get the razor out and go for it but I thought it would be a better idea to finish so we could see if I even had any haircutting talent. By the time I was done, I actually liked it (except for that one spot, shoot!). But since we couldn’t figure out how to fix that stupid blunder, we decided to shave it. This is when I became very nervous. Jason had told me he only had 3 settings on his trimmer. The number 1 setting was used to make the hair completely disappear. The 2nd setting was what he used to trim his goatee and he had never used the 3rd setting. When he trims his goatee, he trims it very short; I knew the next setting couldn’t be much longer. Thinking I must be crazy, I started in the back. He kept telling me all you have to do is fade (like I have ever faded before). Yeah, fading didn’t really work very well. Then after I have already practically butchered it, he tells me there was actually another attatchment that was adjustable. Thanks babe for the info, I could have used it a little sooner!

I put on the new attachment and things got a lot better. It was actually the length we wanted from the beginning. If I hadn’t messed up that one spot, the haircut would have turned out really good. But because of that little slip, I had to keep going shorter to make it blend a little better. So now I have a husband with shorter hair than I have ever seen on him before and it’s not really my favorite but he seems to be fine with it. It’s okay I guess. At least I know how to cut it for next time!