My First Blog

As to the overwhelming response to Jason’s previous post here I am. I have now blogged. If you’re lucky I might do it again sometime :)

Scrapbooking Night

Tonight the girls are coming over for scrapbooking night. So far this has been pretty hit and miss due to summer being in full swing but today we will have a full house. I will try to take pictures of this very fun event and have Jason post them for me soon. We are even having a demonstration by Heather (a really fun goofball from Calvary Chattanooga (her words not mine)) so this evening holds lots of promise. I will extend the invitation to all my friends back home, I miss scrapbooking with all of you so if you ever want to come for one of our scrapbooking nights, you are welcome. It’s here at my house at 6:00 every Thursday, it would be worth the trip from Corvallis, believe me :)

Girls’ Hang Out On The Lake

Calvary Chatt’s midweek study is on Wednesday nights and for the summer they split the guys and girls into two groups. The girls are doing a Beth Moore study (_A Woman’s Heart, God’s Dwelling Place_) and I was so excited because in Corvallis I was never able to participate in her studies due to my work schedule. As it turns out, I was asked to be a small group leader along with Maureen. The girls in our group are fantastic and we have been having some really great conversations that have caused me to grow closer in my walk with the Lord. There are 8 girls in our group, Heather, Ashley, Marilou, Jennifer, Beth, Anne, Maureen, and myself.

A week ago today, we decided to have a fun day out on Maureen’s pontoon boat. We had a blast! We started the evening giggling and ended it giggling. I guess that’s what happens when you get a whole bunch of girls together, you get really silly! The evening started before the rest of the gang arrived with just Maureen and I. We were hot so we decided to swim and noticed a beach ball floating some ways away. I decided to rescue it because, hey, free ball! Maureen had assured me she could just take the boat over there and get it but nooooo, I wanted to swim for it. Well it turned out to be a little farther than I thought and by the time I got to it I was huffing and puffing and my legs were on fire. See, when something is in the water, even though you’re swimming to it, it keeps floating away… Luckily Maureen came and picked me up after I rescued the ball. So now we have a really cute beach ball on the pontoon boat that we will probably never play with.

When the girls arrived we docked to let them on and Maureen went to start the boat and alas! The key broke off in the ignition. So what do we do now? We did the only thing we could do and called a boy. Clark made the 25 minute trek and rescued us; so much for girls only! He was going to hot wire it for us but instead he stuck a screwdriver in and it started right up. See, I had tried this as well before he got there with my mini leatherman but to no avail. Actually I was even a bit afraid that if I stuck my leatherman into the key hole that I would get shocked but I didn’t. Apparently, key holes don’t work the same as electrical outlets. Thankfully!

With the boat finally moving we took it over to a camp on the lake and jumped on their water trampoline and had fun on the Blob (if you don’t know what that is take a look at the pictures). We had quite the time with both of these toys and I’m sure we looked very silly! Heather and I had a near death experience when we fell off the Blob as it started to collapse on us (okay I exaggerate a little, but it feels really high when you’re up there and then, all of the sudden, out of nowhere you’re free falling)!

Well that about sums up girls’ day. You can see that we had a lot of fun as well as a little danger (the Blob, the key) which always gives you a bit of rush that leaves you longing for more. You see, secretly I wouldn’t mind being a little bit more daring so when something happens that’s even a little scary, I tend to exaggerate to make myself look really cool :)