What’s Been Going Down

What good is to have a blog if it’s never updated? Not much, so it’s about time to let you know what’s been going down. On the bland and prosaic side it has been hot. The next couple of days are supposed to be near record highs. Sounds like a great time to go to the park, huh?

Coolidge Park

This Sunday the small group from Calvary Chattanooga went to Coolidge Park after church. The weather was warm but we set up shop underneath the big ol’ shade tree. We had a great time and really enjoy spending time with this group. Elliot was flexing for the camera and Spencer created a triple filling Oreo that was worth a shot.

Our First Communion

This was a memorable first for Calvary Cleveland—we took communion together for the first time. If that wasn’t sweet enough by itself we had about 12 to 14 counselors come from Camp Ocoee. Normally there were about 4 or 5 coming to the studies but when word of the barbeque spread a few more were able to make it. It was great. The fact that they used an activity bus to get to the study made it even better!

After the food and fellowship we started the Bible study, working our way through Matthew 15. At the end we had everyone come and get the elements of communion while Kellie played the guitar. Sitting down we remembered the great price that Jesus paid so that our sins could be forgiven but we also looked forward to His return. In 1 Corinthians we find that as long as take communion we are proclaiming Jesus’ death until He returns. That’s a handful of good news, if you ask me.

A New Author?

Right now I (Jason) have been doing all of the writing for this little blog but I may have talked Kellie into writing some of the posts. Two voices should be better than one, right? If you think so too let us know by leaving a comment below.