The Floors are Here

Well, they were a lot of work but they look great. Kellie and I had an idea of what we wanted and to see that idea spread out before you is pretty incredible.

There was probably about 450+ square feet of floor to cover in the entryway, kitchen and the dinning room. Installing all of this would have taken Kellie and I quite a long time so she decided to leave. She already had a tripped planned to go to Oregon and Idaho for two weeks and so off she went.

Thankfully my Mom and Dad came in to help. They were the best help one could have asked for. I estimate that we spent around 40 to 50 hours over 4 days on our knees prepping and installing. While we worked hard we enjoyed being with one another and the results speak for themselves.

In theory installing the floors was easy: simply cut to the right size and nail it down. In practice that takes a bit longer. There were a number of places that had door trim that needed to be cut around and this really slowed us down. However, once the doorways had been covered we were able to really move.

Eventually we found the last piece. I’m not sure where it had been hiding but we found it. At about 8:30 PM Monday evening the last piece was laid in place and we all breathed a sigh of relief.

The pictures don’t do the floors justice but I guess that just gives you another reason to come out to Cleveland and see them for yourself.