Battlefield 3: Overview Y8 Game

The confrontation between Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is about to end. We have already tested the much-anticipated brainchild of DICE , and there are only a few days left before the release of the new “Call of Duty”. And no matter how the latter turns out to be good or bad, certain intermediate results can be summed up now. Play best Y8 Games at the website.

First of all, let's say about the schedule, which was presented as almost the main trump card of the project. Yes, the game is really damn beautiful - the Frostbite 2 engine produces a picture that we have not seen before. Moreover, owners of not the most powerful machines will be able to join the latest achievements of progress - even at medium settings Battlefield 3 looks amazing.

With such enthusiasm, alas, it is impossible to respond to the "single". The developers, in the first Bad Company, pampering us with large-scale levels, finally narrowed the cards and turned them into tight corridors. Fighting on the border of Iran and Iraq, a fight in a train, a run through sunny Paris - all missions come down to the ingenuous shooting of a weak-minded “meat”. Between assignments, we are treated to storylines, but trying to delve into the local script is more expensive.

As in CoD , the action is diluted with interesting interactive scenes, and with cinematography in BF3full order. We are told to crawl along the roof of the house under sniper fire, and clean the face of the main villain in the long QTE, and take the bank building by storm. Not without classic rides like pokatushek on the tank or a simple "stealth".

According to the previous lines, it may seem that the campaign is not worth running. However, we advise you to go through it all the same. "Single" is not difficult to master in a few hours; he is dynamic and, despite the fact that he does not bring anything new to the genre, is quite fascinating. The main impression of him is visual. It would seem that something special can be in a standard tank trip? We have seen this in more than a dozen fighters. But you should have seen dust swirling over the road, how blown up equipment is blazing, how the sun is shining brightly! .. Call of Duty with its old engine has ceased to give such sensations for a long time, and only for the sake of them it is worth looking into the “single” Battlefield 3.

In general, the mechanics of the multiplayer has not changed much. We have four classes - a ground attack aircraft (aka BC2 medic, only without machine guns), engineer, support (former “assault”, which got the machine guns of a doctor) and a scout, that is, a sniper. Having chosen a specialization, we go to one of three (except for variations - Squad and Large) modes. In Rush, the task of one team is to defend two relays, fighting on a relatively small piece of the map. Attackers must destroy the targets before running out of "tickets" that are spent on reviving soldiers. At Conquest, we are required to hold points. The team losing the fight for territory begins to lose “gaps” and, as a rule, is defeated. There is Deathmatch, but this is rather an optional entertainment for an evening or two.

First of all, it is worth noting that online battles have become more diverse. Basically, this is the merit of locations that are designed for a variety of game styles. For example, “Metro Station” recalls the fun and dynamic battles of CoD - here speed and reflexes are more important than complex tactical maneuvers. But the “Caspian border” is a completely different story. Well-coordinated team actions are needed here, it is necessary to use equipment (by the way, aviation fans can rejoice: the planes have finally returned), and the superman will not work out of himself - the sniper will instantly put the unlucky hero in his place.

It's nice that the BF3 is extremely friendly to beginners. Here everyone will find something to their liking. Can’t shoot accurately and make enemies packs? Choose an engineer class and repair allied equipment. Had thousands of battles in World of Tanks and can't live without steel cars? Please - gather a crew and go crush enemy bodies with caterpillars. Want to amuse yourself by killing one enemy after another? You have direct access to maps like the already mentioned “Metro Station”.

Among other things, the developers used modern technology for the benefit of the gameplay. For example, a tactical flashlight can be hung on a weapon, which disorientates opponents in bright light. The so-called suppression fire finally got a meaningful realization - when bullets whistle nearby, the picture is blurred, so now the machine gunner, pouring lead on a strategically important street, is able to hold his position alone.

All this is flavored with a rich and logical system of "pumping". They reward experience for almost every sneeze - no one will remain offended. Playing for a certain class, we get new equipment for it and replenish the arsenal, as well as grow in levels. For the "guns" a whole bunch of improvements is available - all kinds of sights, thickened barrels, silencers ... In addition, the more often and more efficiently you can use the transport, the faster we will be able to install additional weapons and useful "gadgets" on it.

Finally, the most important thing is that Battlefield 3 multiplayer is simply spectacular. The efforts of several dozen people (the maximum limit on a PC is sixty-four users on one server) creates a real movie. For example, it is impossible to forget one battle in which I was lucky to participate just the other day.

We played Rush in the narrow streets of the Oriental Bazaar. The enemy had only one point left, but the number of our “tickets” was rapidly decreasing - it was necessary to attack. And we went on a desperate offensive. Just imagine - mortar volleys rattling around, a machine gun rattling (the sound, of course, is beautiful), concrete chips sprinkled from the surrounding buildings. It remains to cross only one street, but its opponent defends it with the last forces. Grenades are flying into our shelter - it seems that it's over ... And suddenly an allied tank leaves some lane, hiding behind which we cross the unfortunate road and manage to blow up the repeater. It is very difficult to describe the feelings you experience when participating in such an action.

Battlefield 3In addition to multiplayer and "single", in Battlefield 3 there is a joint passing mode. We are offered to overcome six transient episodes, almost unconnected, together with each other. The cooperative, apparently, was completed in a hurry - only a good sniper mission is imprinted in memory. I remember that not even the most successful “Special Operations” from Modern Warfare 2 were funnier.

The only thing that can ruin the impression of network battles is the disgusting Battlelog service. We are forced to add friends, search for a server and connect to it through a browser. In addition, the system works very badly and gives one error after another. And if you can still join in some kind of battle, but let's say you want to fight in another company, you have to leave the game and then restart it.

The main advantage of Battlefield has always been and remains multiplayer. But if earlier the series was extremely cautious stepping into single-user territory, now in this regard CoD has a worthy competitor. Add here a great picture, chic design - it seems that Call of Debt has less chance.

Well, all you have to do is wait for the Infinity Ward to retaliate . However, there is nothing to hide - if the success of the storyline campaign MW3 is still possible, then the multiplayer is unlikely to offer anything new. The authors will have to work hard to make us break away from the amazing online battles of Battlefield 3.

Pros: peppy "single"; great multiplayer mode; beautiful graphics.
Cons: a terrible Battlelog service; weak cooperative.