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Attempts to create voluminous films were made at the dawn of cinema. They were unsuccessful and had no spectator interest. they called ... In the 30s, Muscovites could see voluminous short films at the Koloss cinema. Viewers wore glasses with green and red glasses, which made it possible to see the three-dimensional image, but all this was very imperfect, and the stereo movie was not widespread.

Meanwhile, the mastery of cinema by sound and color already by inertia gave reason to believe that the triumph of stereo cinema is not far off. S. Ivanov, the inventor of the Soviet glasses-free stereo method, predicted with absolute categorism that very quickly flat films would be a thing of the past.

However, this did not happen. Let me remind you: the first stereoscopic film concert of director A. Andrievsky and cameraman D. Surensky was shown in 1940 at the cinema "Moscow" on the screen of S. Ivanov. Viewers saw a three-dimensional image without any glasses. The film was a big hit. S. Ivanov was awarded the State Prize, the future of stereo films seemed the most rosy ...

The war forced to postpone work on stereo films, but already in 1944 the Stereokino studio was created and the first film crews were organized. However, the business was new and difficult, the studio received the building of the former church in Starosadsky Lane, completely unsuitable, but still director A. Andrievsky and cameraman D. Surensky, the first stereo movie enthusiasts who did a lot for its development and subsequently shot a number of paintings, began shooting here stereo film "Robinson Crusoe".

It was difficult for the studio: there were no frames, there was no raster screen and it was impossible to watch the footage, the scenario portfolio was empty - no one had an idea of ​​how to write “stereoscopic” scripts. The first film, shot before the war and laid the foundation for domestic stereo cinema, was just a concert, and the studio was aiming at full-length feature films.

Working at Mosfilm, I had no idea about all this. At the beginning of 1944, the painting "At six o'clock in the evening after the war," staged by Ivan Alexandrovich Pyryev, was completed. I was lucky to work on her as a second director, and then a break came.

I started writing a script. In the spring, many workers planted potatoes right in the studio. I planted: in the family there were two young children. It is very good to think about the script, digging and loosening the ground for landing. A comedy was emerging about Muscovite gardeners, about happy girls and about a fun driver, famously driving around in his ancient truck ...

The script was written quite quickly, but the studios pulled a bagpipe: they did not refuse, but they did not take the script. Once, at the Ministry of Cinematography, I accidentally met with Alexander Nikolaevich Andrievsky. We were well acquainted even from the "Inter-movie". “And what about you, Volodya?” “Yes, I wrote a comedy and I can’t push it through.” - “And you come to us at the Stereokino studio together with the script. You’ll shoot right away. ” - "How so? I have no idea about stereo movies. ” “I didn't have either, then I learned.” “But you don’t know my script?” “But I know you. How many of your scenarios did I take at Mezhrabpom? ” (Andrievsky was at one time the head of the script department.) - "In my opinion, three." - “Well, you see, go! This is a new, promising business. In stereo movies and comedy opportunities are great. Come on! Just give consent, I’ll agree in the ministry. ” "Need to think". “Only for a short time, otherwise lovers of an easy life already come to us, and this is a complicated matter. Think about it. You have my phone. ”

Alexander Nikolayevich asked me a difficult task. More than once I drank the grief with comedies, and here is a completely new business, completely unfamiliar. I was tormented for a couple of days, then I thought: after all, it’s an interesting thing, albeit a difficult one, and when did I have an easy life with comedies? I called Alexander Nikolayevich and said that I agree. play roulette online for money