Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Tips - Mission: Fort Ganesha (Trident) # 1

Here is the right sequence (the direction is applied before each jump): forward, forward, right, left, left, back (return to the previous platform), left, right, forward, right. Nadine will join you at the end of the room.

Second platform room

You will leave the ruins for a moment - take the opportunity to photograph the view. Here is the sequence for the second room of the platform: forward, right, back (return to the first platform), right, left, right, left, right, right, left, forward, right.

Third platform room

Continue to the third room. The final sequence is as follows: forward, forward, right, back (return to the previous platform), back (platform with two tokens), forward, left, right, left, right, left, left, back, back (Platform with a gold token , again), forward, right, forward.

Continue up the stairs. Your current task is to solve a riddle that will allow you to unlock one of the waterfalls. The plate consists of three rotating sections (shown in the screenshot above). Start by comparing the inner and middle rings (press X to change the current active section), then continue by matching the middle rings with the largest. Finally, manipulate the outer ring to create an ax pattern. The drawing will be activated showing the corkscrew mechanism.

You will be taken to the stage with the image of the unlocked waterfall (your task is to launch the remaining waterfalls (only three). Time to return to the jeep. Follow Nadine and go down the structure. The path below includes hanging on the nail after a long jump (in order to hang on a whitewashed wall) and pass with a grappling hook.You can now go to the last fortress or (if you unlocked all the waterfalls) Travel to the gates of Aleppo.

This section contains a walkthrough of the Ganesha Fortress - a section in Uncharted: Lost Legacy. The area is visited during the study of the Western Ghats (the second chapter in the game) and is a prerequisite for gaining access to Aleppo (along with the fortresses of Parasuram and Shiva, which are described in detail on the special pages of this guide)

Ganesha fortress is located in the southeastern part of the map. Its exact location can be determined by checking all the viewpoints on the tower or by looking at our map found on the first page of this chapter. Avoid moving towards the icon in a straight line, as you need to turn east and approach the area from that direction. Enter the fort from the north side and find the entrance shown in the screenshot above and located next to the large river next to the parked truck. http://slots33.com/web/casino