Tips for completing the game Fable: The Lost Chapters. Hero development

The main statistics that we can control through the green portal in the Guild of Heroes determines the style of play that we prefer. The game has 4 different types of experience: general (visualized by green balls left by killed enemies), melee (obtained by attacking enemies with melee weapons), skill (the same, but with ranged weapons, plus the use of hidden abilities) and Will ( encourages the use of magic). A hero can be brought up in these three disciplines, as we spend experience points to learn new skills and improve those that we have already acquired.

The most important thing to gain gigantic experience is the so-called combat multiplier. All XP we received is multiplied by this number, which increases rapidly when we deal heavy damage and take part in heavy battles. The problem is that every time we are beaten, he quickly falls. And here is our favorite Will ability, the Physical Shield (in most RPGs known as the Mana Shield), which causes mana to fall instead of health when the enemy receives us. While it is on, we can easily launch our combat multiplier. The last thing we need is a place where enemies are reborn as quickly as possible. Try Undead, which appears in graveyards north of Bowerstone.

When your Combat Factor is 125, you can maximize all your stats in half an hour.

Every time we spend experience points on certain abilities (the maximum age level is 65, we no longer age when we become so old). The game has the ability to reduce your age by half. You will find complete information in the section of bronze quests, Temple of Avo and Chapel of Skorm.

Other characteristics that play an important role in the virtual life of our hero are attractiveness and precariousness. They determine the reaction of other residents of Albion to your presence. The main way to change your values ​​is to take care of your clothes, hairstyle and tattoo. It is up to you whether you want to be feared or loved.

Will - When investing experience points in magic spells, never forget that quality is greater than quantity. It is much better to master 3 or 4 spells and raise their level high enough than to work with a handful of weak and unprepared. Spells that you should pay close attention to: Enflame (helps you get 90% of boss fights), Multi Strike (an ingenious spell when you are strong in hand-to-hand combat - gives you up to 5 non-blocking strokes every time you apply it to to your sword) and Physical Shield (a trick with a combat multiplier described above). Also, consider getting at least Level 1 of Heal Life, as it is very convenient in escort-like quests (these NPCs die so easily, right?).