The bike simulator eliminates all the typical mistakes of a novice cyclist

Computer games "bicycle simulator" today are so popular among modern youth and children that manufacturers are constantly coming up with new, even more exciting versions of games. Virtual bike rides are coupled with exciting entertainment, virtual overcoming obstacles and even chasing monsters.

Japanese designers went even further - relatively recently (in 2017), the Japanese invented a special bicycle simulator Honda Bicycle Simulator, the purpose of which is to teach cycling to everyone who has not "dealt" with a two-wheeled "friend". However, this model of an exercise bike also performs an educational function. Using the device, you can learn the rules of the road and then work them out during the lessons of safe driving a bike on the simulator.

Japanese designers' cycling simulator allows inexperienced riders to make virtual bike rides, such as shopping at a supermarket or school. The developers are confident that this model of an exercise bike allows the cyclist to see himself from the side and understand all the mistakes that he makes on the road. Thus, the student is constantly improving his cycling skills and learning the rules of the road, which allows him to become a real professional rider.

In addition, the scenario of the student’s movement on the simulator can be observed on monitors, so a “realistic” experience is guaranteed.

Despite the fact that the cost of a Honda exercise bike is not budgetary, the manufacturer does everything to massively use this exercise bike in law enforcement organizations, government agencies, educational institutions and driving schools.

Nevertheless, it is not yet clear whether such expensive exercise machines in the form of tumble-bicycles will be massively purchased, because the shelves already have American-made Gyrowheel wheels. The very idea of ​​this invention of American designers is based on the mechanism of a simple hygroscope, which is located inside the front hollow wheel.

Even despite the fact that the speed of the cyclist is small, the rotation speed of the hygroscope is quite decent. At the same time, even a beginner cannot fall on this exercise bike, because the forces arising on the axis of the hygroscope completely exclude the fall.

Such an exercise bike is an ideal purchase for young children. Thanks to the innovative developments of American designers, the hygroscope “tells” the child how to properly control the bike and maintain balance. Therefore, parents can install a Gyrowheel hygroscope instead of the usual front wheel. With such an improvement, no kid will fall even on the uneven surface of the roadway.

Advantages of the Elite RealPower bike simulator

The Elite Real Power bike simulator has equally important advantages. This is a realistic high-tech simulator that simulates cross-country climbs with a gradient of 20%. The use of innovative magnetic powder technology allows you to adjust the viscosity of magnetic powders during the passage of a current of a certain strength.

Thanks to the video, the training process is completely fixed, analyzed and you can carry out “work on mistakes”. A video of the track synchronized with the speed of the cyclist is displayed on the computer screen. Changes in the landscape are instantly processed by a digital processor and transmitted to the rear wheel. Thus, the cyclist, even swaying while standing on the pedals, can confidently move forward along the virtual track.

For most buyers, versions of cycling simulators on a PC platform are quite accessible today. Game levels are designed for beginners and professional players. opened a new store empire market link it came to replace alphabay