Stamped wheels, forged or cast: what to buy

If you really want your car to look elegant, do not neglect the quality of the manufacture of rims.
Stamping iron
Many people are used to calling “stamping” iron. Such disks are most often equipped with cars of both domestic and foreign manufacture. They are very heavy, which increases fuel consumption, reduces the suspension operation period. In addition, in places of paint chips, the metal surface is covered with corrosion, which affects the appearance of the car as a whole. What is bad is the critical consequences of operation, as a result of which a fatal load for a car is detected, which affects fuel consumption and actually reduces the life of suspensions.
Alloy wheels
Cast rim is quite common in modern cars. Alloy wheels are much superior to stamping and it is no coincidence that they strive to be installed on all machines of modern models.
Casting into special forms of magnesium- and aluminum-containing alloys. It is divided into gravity casting (aluminum) and casting performed under extremely high pressure (magnesium).
1. Gravity casting. A similar method is used when working with aluminum alloys.
Backpressure / injection molding. This option is used to release disks from magnesium and its alloys.
Alloy wheels have more advantages in their production and use. With such disks, fuel economy is guaranteed, as well as the careful operation of the car suspension. Of the shortcomings, it is worth noting the increased cost and the inability to repair. Alloy wheels are difficult to repair. The alloy wheel needs to be chosen a little narrower than the tire tread, in which case the wheels will be stable, reliable and safe.
Forged wheels
But here we have reached the third type of forging disks.
The production process is quite complex and labor-intensive, which is reflected in its cost. But it allows you to create a tough, solid base for the drive. Its weight is 3 times less than stamped, 1/3 cast.
It is worth noting that the manufacture of forged discs is significantly different from the production of other types of discs. In production, grains are crushed, metal is deformed and pulled in a given direction. A beautiful natural pattern appears on the metal as a result of production.
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