Frozen Synapse: Friv Overview

Each developer has his own special style. At Obsidian, this is the “diamond” style, because in order to see the whole versatility of her creations, you have to wait for the release of grinding patches. Valve acts according to the proverb “rarely, but aptly.” Chip studio Introversion is literate indie incarnation of ideas in the minimalist graphics with consistently excellent musical accompaniment.

That is why, when I first met the Frozen Synapse trailer on the web , I hastily decided that this was a new project by the creators of Uplink, Defcon and Darwinia. Blue tones, obvious emphasis on gameplay, a nice techno soundtrack and purely symbolic graphics - all pointed to Introversion . But it later emerged that Mode 7 , a group of students from Oxford, was responsible for this tactical grace . Is this similarity a coincidence or is it deliberate plagiarism? Let's find out.

In mechanics, Frozen Synapse is a turn-based tactical shooter with a classic top view. In fact, it’s an animated tactical plan from Rainbow Six. There is a small map, there are two groups of fighters scattered on this very map. In the simplest case, the goals of both groups are identical - to eliminate the enemy and stay alive. Play online games at the best friv 2 games website.

Tools for destruction are quite enough. An assault rifle is an ideal weapon at medium distances. For close combat or ambush, a semi-automatic shotgun is best. The diametrical opposite of the latter is a sniper rifle: it hits far and accurately, however, it takes a long time to recharge. A hand grenade launcher helps to clean rooms, but only shoots on command, no auto-guidance. RPG also follows the same principles - the only difference is that its shell has a smaller lesion area, but it destroys the walls.

Another interesting point is the procedural generation of locations. Fighting in the same place twice will not succeed: before each fight, whether it be a single player campaign, a battle with an AI or a live player, the map is re-created, and the rooms and shelters are asymmetrically located. On the one hand, this is bad: one of the participants in the conflict gets some advantage. On the other hand, a slight imbalance determines the tactics of the teams: someone has to act on defense, while the opponent can afford to boldly attack.

Fights in Frozen Synapseproceed step by step. At the beginning of the game, players give out orders to their wards. Then, for five seconds, the soldiers act in accordance with the instructions given, and the commander can only watch the process. After these five seconds, time stops - the warring parties have a chance to make adjustments to the existing plan. Then time comes to life for exactly five seconds, then it freezes again and ... well, you understand the principle, right?

Depth of the process makes it possible to predict the behavior of the opponent. In the planning phase of the course, it is allowed to give orders not only to your subordinates, but also to your enemies. At the same time, by clicking on the play button, everything that the invisible strategist has indicated will miscalculate. The thing is infinitely useful, because it allows you to quickly estimate the result of certain maneuvers, predict the opponent’s behavior and figure out how to effectively counteract it.

The reader might have the false impression that Frozen Synapse is a typical game without content, in the best tradition of Defcon or Uplink . In other words, as if the plot is not here, and all attention is focused on the gameplay. Fortunately, this is not so.

The plot is here. Over fifty-five missions, we will observe an interesting story unfolding in the typical surroundings of a near-future cyberpunk environment with powerful megacorporations and numerous conspiracies.

The construction of the "single" is quite familiar. First, a briefing - we learn about the upcoming task and the state of affairs in general. In addition to key information, you can always read a lot of additional materials like dossiers on a particular character. As a result, the story is surrounded by a decent amount of extraneous and pleasant trifles, which is doubly surprising, because even an ordinary plot for such a project is already good.

After the briefing, you can start the task. Usually this is a kind of test in the spirit of “neutralizing the enemy’s forces in 5 moves, so that the hostages would not suffer”. The farther, the harder.

One of the main features of the campaign is the increased replay value of each mission. If you were unable to complete any task the first time, then upon restarting the card is generated again. Thus, there simply isn’t the right strategy for a certain mission: every time we are forced to analyze the situation and improvise.

To train your skills there is a “Skirmish", the essence of which boils down to a battle with a computer opponent. Artificial intelligence can boast of a decent thinker, although after a few fights it will become too predictable. But the main trouble is that there is only one mode. If the developers introduced everything that is in multiplayer, it would be just great. After all, it’s better to practice computer dummies before fighting with someone real.

The main reason to familiarize yourself with Frozen Synapse is its multiplayer. Mode 7 managed to correctly convey the mechanics of single modes. The fact is that all information about the match (map, placement and movement of fighters) is stored on the server. After you have made the move, data about the decisions you made are sent to this very server. They will only get to the opponent when he sends his data. As a result, players are independent of each other and can conduct at least ten fights simultaneously, just like in chess.

There are only five multiplayer modes, each of which exists in two versions - dark and light. There is only one difference: in the light version, all active units are marked on the map, and in the dark version you see only those enemy fighters that your wards see.

Also in Frozen Synapse implemented integration with Youtube, Twitter and Facebook. At the end of the game, you can literally publish a video on your channel in just a couple of minutes, and the game itself will do everything: record a video, generate an annotation and send it where necessary. Such recordings usually last no more than a minute, despite the fact that the party itself can drag on for an hour.

Most of all, Frozen Synapse feels like chess. This is a constant intellectual duel with AI or with a living person. To win here, you don’t have to be a Korean with a crazy reaction - you need to carefully monitor what is happening and calculate options for the development of the event. And speed is the tenth thing. A great pastime for those who like to move their brains and are ready to put up with sketchy graphics.

Pros: verified, unhurried gameplay; great multiplayer; great soundtrack; high replay value of a single player campaign; interesting story.

Cons: Koreans will not like it.