Whitewashing ceiling: timeless classic

Even though the number of different decoration materials for the ceiling is incredibly large, many homeowners prefer to use proven methods that give a guaranteed result and eliminate the risk of creating an unfavorable microclimate in the home. One of these is the use of lime whitewash. It is very simple to apply, and materials for manufacturing are extremely cheap.

Preparing the ceiling for whitewashing

In order for the ceiling surface to always look beautiful, it is necessary to renew the whitewash coating at least once a year. To do this, you first need to clean the old material from the surface. This process is associated with the formation of large volumes of dirt, so it is better to protect surfaces and objects in the room with plastic wrap.

You can remove the old whitewash with a scraper, previously wetting the surface. All exposed cracks should be very well putty.

Which primer is suitable for whitewashing

Cretaceous whitewashing should be applied to the primer. It is independently prepared from slaked lime, drying oil and laundry soap, which are diluted with water. You can also use carpentry glue instead of slaked lime. The use of lime whitewash involves the use of a primer, which includes lime dough, salt, as well as aluminum-potassium alum. All this is also diluted with water. Any type of primer must be passed through a fine sieve.

How to whitewash the ceiling

Having completed the preparation, you can go directly to whitewashing. To get the best visual whitening effect, it is worth adding blue to the solution. The first coat is applied with a roller or brush. The second can be applied with a simple spray. Only when using it, you need to be extremely careful, because if large drops fall on the surface, smudges will remain on the ceiling. They do not contribute to aesthetics.

Useful Tips

The whitewashed ceiling can be additionally painted. But before that, he should dry well. In addition, only a water-based emulsion should be used to cover whitewash, since other materials may not be very reliable on the paint. If you use synthetic paint, unsightly stains may appear on the surface over time.

If there are cabinets that reach directly to the ceiling, it is necessary to protect their upper corners in advance with a gauze bandage. 3 minimum deposit casino