Wallpaper. Types of Wallpaper

The market for decorative materials today is abundant in its offer of various wallpaper options that can imitate decorative materials such as decorative plaster, textiles and other surfaces.
In our article we want to acquaint you with modern varieties of wallpaper that are in great demand among consumers.

[b] Vinyl wallpaper [/ b]

This type of wallpaper allows you to achieve various textures in the surface finish and can additionally give them an imitation of a certain finishing material. Vinyl wallpapers are primarily related to strong, durable and attractive finishing materials, which in addition also have a washable surface.

Vinyl-based wallpapers are usually water-resistant, so they can be used for decoration in any room. Therefore, such material is simply indispensable in the decoration of a modern apartment.

Thanks to modern technologies, vinyl wallpapers began to be made with additional moisture exchange of the canvas with the environment: moisture does not penetrate under the wallpaper, but at the same time condensate escapes from under the canvas.

At the moment, in the construction market you can find vinyl wallpapers of several varieties, namely:

- Wallpaper made of foamed vinyl, usually have a pronounced texture;
 -Flat wallpaper, which are issued with a smooth front side of the canvas;
- Wallpaper with a special density, which have a high density of the material, a high rate of moisture repellent properties, as well as a washing surface.

[b] Paper wallpapers [/ b]

Paper wallpaper, which is considered a very practical and simple option for surface finishing, still does not lose its popularity. Today, paper wallpapers are available with various additional properties and have not only a decorative appeal, but also a long service life.

In order to increase the operational characteristics of the wallpaper, their canvas is additionally treated with special compounds that make the wallpaper more durable, resistant, and also increase their moisture and wear resistance.

At the moment, manufacturers produce wallpaper made of paper with various surfaces of the canvas, namely with a smooth, structural surface and various embosses. You can also find wallpapers from several words that are strong, durable and do not fade.

On the construction market, you can also find such types of finishing materials as velor, quartz and metallized wallpapers, which have various effects and features. best online slots canada