DiRT Showdown: Friv Overview

DiRT Showdown was not just a surprise - it was a completely unexpected gift under the tree. Not as unexpected as FlatOut 3 , of course ... but still, nobody expected the announcement of the FlatOut analog in the rally series. Nevertheless, it happened, and the heart of all fans of the genre froze, because since the time of Ultimate Carnage in the field of gouging-of-all of them, a little sane came out. And here is the high-profile series, venerable developers and quite convincing trailers. Only too skeptical skeptics did not believe in the success of DiRT Showdown . But the release has taken place, which means that it is time to put everything on the shelves and figure out whether it is worth uncovering wallets and running to stores.

To begin with, I’ll make a reservation - all the rabid DiRT fans, please pacify. Criticizing our guest today from a position that they say this has nothing to do with the rally ... about how to blame the ballet for not using nanotechnology there. That is the most complete stupidity. Want realistic dirt racing? DiRT 3 to help you. And soon the fourth part for sure will be packed into her company. Showdown is an offshoot, spin-offs and anything else but not a purebred DiRT.

And he, accordingly, is still practicing solid “excellent”. Cars play with high-definition reflections, juicy glare, high-poly flags flutter in the wind, and a uniform extravaganza named DirectX 11 is created all around. It looks amazing. At the same time, the engine is perfectly optimized, so that even owners of mediocre computers will be able to see this beauty in all their might.

Given the shifting priorities, it is worth considering a dramatically changed list of modes and an approach to grouping them. Now there are three global competition groups: destruction, racing and stunt races. With racing competitions, everything is simple - here we have a track, there are cars moving along it, and the one who turns out to be the fastest wins. Or on the entire track, or on the sum of individual sections. Trick rides are completely unnecessary, in my opinion, the appendix that was inherited from the previous parts and is represented by “jimkhan” and races in the style of “knock down tiles of the color that we show you.” What is in the first, and in the second case during the passage, I was frankly perplexed: how can such regimes coexist with the magnificent “eight”?

But the juiciest is, of course, a group of machine tortures, codenamed "Destruction." It is here that the game unfolds in its entirety, allowing you to enjoy the updated gameplay. It’s a sin to complain about the variety of modes: here’s the usual derby, when you just have to tire and destroy everyone tirelessly, and a more sophisticated variation on the same topic, where you need to push opponents from the platform in the center of the stadium, and the already mentioned “eight”, where your experience Driving does not solve anything - at the last corner they can crash so hard that in the end you crawl to the finish line. In general, fun, dynamic and fresh.

All these races are combined into four leagues, each of which ends with a final. As they progress, we will accumulate funds, open new cars and improve them. And here they give such types of games as applications and online friv games on www.friv1000games.org According to various researches such games as logic, trivia, memory and puzzle friv could help you to avoid dementia and forgetfulness.

In multiplayer, one more category of racing disciplines is added, tied to the fact that players are divided into two teams and act together, and not each for himself. Here there is the capture and holding of the flag, and the return of the flags, and the arrival at checkpoints. The gaiety of the latter, however, is highly dependent on the map: somewhere it is extremely exciting, but somewhere (due to the complexity of the track) - vice versa.

The tracks, by the way, are diverse, excellent in terms of design and packed with all sorts of different tires, barrels and other road barriers. You’ll be able to ride on snow-covered serpentines (oh this snow in the eyes! Especially in 3D!), And on muddy mud wet from rain, and on asphalt of various countries and continents. Part of the tracks, by the way, came from the previous parts of DiRT , only slightly modified.

And now it is the turn of the heroes of road battles to enter the scene. Showdown is with themeverything is fine, and there’s nothing to complain about. They, like racing disciplines, are divided into the corresponding classes, which have a logical content. In the class of stunt cars we are met by typical "tuners" and the Japanese like them, the class of races consists of various pickups and cars more or less suitable for off-road driving. The funniest exhibits are found in the last category, where you can find everything from a pile of welded pipes with a motor, wheels and steering wheel to a hearse repainted in some acid colors. All these machines are distinguished by an increased degree of initial bruising.

As for the management, it is also difficult to present something to him. Like it or not, we have never before a simulator, and therefore you can even cope with an iron coffin on wheels using the keyboard. However, at the same time there is no feeling that you are operating an iron - the balance between arcade and realism is perfectly maintained, so both the weight of the vehicle and its other driving characteristics affect the ride quite noticeably.

Besides the fact that we have to travel a lot, no less we have to crash into various fences, other cars and barriers of a different kind. The physical model of this process is also very, very good: the cases crumple, the doors, hoods, luggage racks and other bumpers fervently fly apart.

Racing alone and pursuing a career, of course, can be fun, but it’s an order of magnitude more interesting to get together with friends and toss virtual parts from each other for a couple of hours. But here the next fly in the ointment in our barrel of honey is planned - online is not very convenient. For example, regardless of the readiness of the players, exactly twenty seconds elapse between rides. And there is no way to choose tracks and modes. You can only vote against what the ubiquitous "random" offers.

You can learn about the charm of the local multiplayer from the record of the thermonuclear live broadcast , which took place on May 26 of this year.

DiRT Showdown turned out to be an excellent race - it is a fact. And if you consider that FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage has not had any worthy rivals in a long time, you really want to cuddle our today's guest in an embrace. So we do this by giving the medal “Our Choice”. But because of the oversights and it is not clear why the bolted “jimkhan” was assessed, nevertheless, it was “commendable”.

Pros: graphics; peppy soundtrack; physics; multiplayer.
Cons: minor flaws in multiplayer; Jimhana.