Minecraft - How to learn to paint objects, How to make a book and How to make spells

Some items in Minecraft can be painted. Thus, we get colored glass, beds or rugs. For dyeing, we need dyes, which we quickly get and easily process in your inventory.

Typically, for dyeing, you need a master’s table, but we will dye the wool in the inventory window. Construct fields must contain the element you want to color and the right amount of dye. It is worth taking a look at the list of manufactured items, where you can quickly select the desired item, such as yellow wool.

In this case, raw materials, that is, white wool, will be obtained from sheep. We kill animals (less profitable) or cut them with scissors (more profitable). To dye, place the ingredients in the construction slots, and then transfer the finished yellow wool to your inventory.

The second way to dye wool is to use sheep dye directly. All we need to do is assign any dye to the quick access toolbar and then activate it. Now go to the selected animal and press PPM so that its hair changes color.

How to make a book

In Minecraft, we can also create a book. An enchanted book will be useful for enchanting weapons or armor on the anvil, without using a magic table. To make a book we need three sheets of paper and one piece of leather.

The paper will be obtained from three pieces of sugarcane. Reed grows on the edges of water bodies and works well as a cultivated plant.

We will get the skin by killing cows and horses. As an alternative, we will create one skin from four rabbit skins. We combine all the ingredients to make a book on a craft table.

How to cast spells

Creating an enchanting table

Minecraft Enchantment is a good way to upgrade weapons, armor and tools. To get the spell table, we need a book, two diamonds and four blocks of obsidian. We will make the product on the craft table.

The book will be made of leather and three sheets of paper, the source of which is sugarcane. Diamonds and obsidian are some of the rarest raw materials in the game. Obsidian is formed at the junction of lava and water only when the lava flows into the water. Obsidian mining is time consuming and requires diamond mining.

Diamonds are mined deep underground, and we will extract them, at least with an iron pickaxe. Ore will give you finished stones.

Adding anvil spells

We will also use the anvil to add new spells to an already enchanted item. To do this, put in the slots the item you want to additionally enchant, and a book with a new spell. In the result slot we will see an item with a new spell added. Our sponsor is sildenafil online medicine store where you can order online with delivery to France