Food warmers

Food warmers.

Crockery is the most necessary thing in the kitchen. It is not only intended, but also universal, that is, to be a table decoration. One of these types of dishes is food warmer.
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What is food warmer for?

This item is intended for storing cooked food in a warm form, which is very convenient when serving, since heating spoils the taste of food.
It is most suitable for storing second courses and their side dishes. In food warmers it is also very convenient to transport ready-made food to the destination.

How does the food warmer

To maintain a suitable temperature in the food warmers, a thermostat is used. Depending on the size of the food warmer, there may be several. In some cases, in the food warmers are fuses against inclusion, if the container does not contain food.
The food warmers themselves are not intended for cooking, since the temperature that is designed for heating is not enough to boil the liquid.

Types of food warmers

Depending on the type of heating, food warmers are divided into:

Food warmer with a tight cover which keeps a product temperature for a long time without heating;

Electrically heated, used on distribution profiles in public catering;

Heated by a burner, most used at home.

Also food warmers can be both desktop, and stationary.
Material for making food warmers can be steel, chrome, polished. Also ceramic and porcelain, from a heat-resistant warehouse, such food warmers are more common in use. At the same time, marble and granite food warmers are used in less demand. It is important to know that at the moment we are talking about the inner surface of the subject. The outer surface can be from metal to wood. The most expensive food warmers can have a finish of gold and silver.
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